The Great Plains Technology and Manufacturing Cluster (Great Plains TMC) helps connect individuals and manufacturers with business and technology resources to address challenges and advance manufacturing in the region. 



We can assist with developing innovations in the Great Plains TMC service region by connecting networks of technology and business providers with individuals and manufacturers. 



Our goal is to assist individuals and manufacturers in making decisions about their innovations so that they can develop, launch, and grow new products in the region. We help businesses with challenges to connect and collaborate in ways that creates competitive advantage. 

Service Region


The Great Plains TMC covers the state of Kansas and western Missouri and is designed to support geographically concentrated groups of businesses, suppliers, service providers and institutions in the industry. 



Our experienced engineers are capable of providing technological services that meet technical deficiency needs within the cluster by utilizing a design and fabrication facility, commercial-grade design/modeling software, and fabrication equipment. 



We can assist businesses with identifying the best manufacturing process for projecting long and short term production volume and utilizing available suppliers. We turn innovations into action by using manufacturing systems, custom equipment design and fabrication, and tooling and fixture development. 


As the Great Plains Technology and Manufacturing Cluster, we look to solve the following challenges and make resources available to those in need of it.  

Marketplace Access

Areas in the Great Plains TMC region are limited to markets and opportunities for their innovation. We will assist with accessing marketplaces and finding support organizations to strengthen productivity. 

Technological Talent

We help connect businesses that have a tight technology based labor market with resources to find the necessary occupations and employees to keep the business running smoothly and accurately. 

Global Connections

We solve the problem of geographic isolation from global networks in the region by helping businesses overcome their separation from new ideas and markets to sustain meaningful growth. 

Open Innovation Sources

Great Plains TMC will generate accessible knowledge networks for businesses and individuals who strive to be globally competitive to exchange knowledge and learn new opportunities. 

Service Protocols

As businesses experience complexities, we noticed their need for protocols and methods to organize, develop, and track their networks and innovative ideas. 

Accessible Capital

We assist businesses facing a lack in risk tolerance and research & development resources to pursue transformation innovations which creates an advantage in our Great Plains TMC region. 


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Great Plains Technology and Manufacturing Cluster

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