About Great Plains TMC



Our initiative will enable emerging rural businesses and individuals to connect with innovation resources and greater economic opportunity. This will be accomplished by strengthening the region’s elements and linking them for a greater economic impact. These efforts will multiply several business’s ability to grow in rural, isolated areas. 



 The Great Plains TMC is a part of the U.S. Small Business Administration’s Regional Innovation Clusters (RIC). These clusters exist to help small businesses thrive through economic development as well as provide resources to attract, create and grow businesses throughout the region. The Great Plains TMC is one out of the 14 RIC’s in the nation, and is led by the KSU Technology Development Institute.

Our Goal


Our goal is to strive to come together and build relationships with individuals and businesses to help them achieve innovative success. To accomplish this, we are partnered up with technology and business resources that can assist with their needs and challenges as well as protect, develop, launch, and grow new products in the Great Plains TMC region. 

Service Region


We serve individuals and businesses in the state of Kansas and the 9 western counties in Missouri from the Kansas City Metropolitan Area. In this region’s rural and urban areas, there is a lack of connections with resources, markets, and knowledge.  We look to create solutions to address these challenges and create competitive advantage for the region. 

How We Engage


The Great Plains TMC will engage by acting as an opportunity catalyst, boundary spanner, and network weaver to connect with resources. To accomplish this, we will expand into rural areas to connect public and private partnerships as well as support the growth and development of small businesses. Our service and membership details will assist with visions of being successful.  



We have partnered up with a wide range of economic development entities and businesses across the Great Plains region. These partnerships will increase awareness, connect to resources and collaborate across the Great Plains to further assist with growing businesses. Our partnership page lists and describes all partners associated with this initiative.